EroAnGst – Feat. G. F. Watts

He was concentrating on his breathing While the last beat of his heart was fading away He was still there dived into his desire.A breath, a memory of her smell. Powerful sensation straight into his senseswhere the little details of his life were exploding in a myriad of regrets She was crying on her knees right … Continue reading EroAnGst – Feat. G. F. Watts

II. Panicnoia – Feat. A. Bloch

The sun warms my flesh, my lighted head spins fast.I want the moon against the dark background of my nightmares.No stars, just the moon, up in the sky, alone, desolated. I try to walk but my feet are glued to the spot. I do not move. Inside, am I moving? Blood, beats, thoughts. My tongue is … Continue reading II. Panicnoia – Feat. A. Bloch

The desolate consciousness and the being unveiled – Feat. Egon Schiele

Exhibitionism: bodies and minds together, linked by the dull instability of the self. Reflected into the mirror, the face covered with delusion. A lot of words, written off, sentences spoken and sights without connections - lost into h(s)h(i)e(m) self. “§” Within the multitude - solitude. § is alone. And § shows what §s got - … Continue reading The desolate consciousness and the being unveiled – Feat. Egon Schiele

The Blissfull Song of Solitude – feat. E.L. Kirchner

Sometimes you just need space, a blank thought in an empty mind, without connections, no sounds nor touches, only feelings.  You and yourself with the world within yourself, nobody else. Do you need anybody? Are you somebody? You realize that life is an empty box filled with emotions and events, where nobody may say how … Continue reading The Blissfull Song of Solitude – feat. E.L. Kirchner

Borderartline or the two Freud.

A broken Incest Freud of the real desires, of the straight instincts, those of the man that understood the inner soul of the humans. Not a creepy, disturbed man with a shameless enslavement to bourgeois power (his grandfather, the neurologist), but a simple master, a humble intellectual who spoke to the masses by depicting mainly … Continue reading Borderartline or the two Freud.

Early Renaissance - Time, Nature, Pleasure…Rebirth?

This is Simonetta, a beautiful Italian young noblewoman from Florence. She lived a short life during the (low) XIV century when she died at the age of 23.I decided to use this portrait painted by Botticelli for one simple reason: I love it. I always loved the dark background with the figure depicted with warm … Continue reading Early Renaissance - Time, Nature, Pleasure…Rebirth?