I. Panicnoia – Feat. P. Klee

I. Prelude My legs are invisible while I walk on the clouds.The next step is uncertain, slowly towards the next falling one.Wet with sweat, my sight is blurred, many faces, enemies in disguise. I stagger to my feet, another weird feeling of death. I can taste it, the air is saturated with anguish. Numbness, tingling … Continue reading I. Panicnoia – Feat. P. Klee

The “now” unfolded #Anguish in becoming#

The present is never presence. Once we think to have it in our grip, suddenly we already lost it. It is slimy and elusive. It is in our nature to believe that living the present it is a certain thing, but it isn't: when you pronounce the word "now", it is already gone, it's gone the same … Continue reading The “now” unfolded #Anguish in becoming#