Borderartline or the two Freud.

A broken Incest

Freud of the real desires, of the straight instincts, those of the man that understood the inner soul of the humans. Not a creepy, disturbed man with a shameless enslavement to bourgeois power (his grandfather, the neurologist), but a simple master, a humble intellectual who spoke to the masses by depicting mainly humans…naked.

Lucian is violent, in his extreme sensuality and reality; pornographic, in speaking honestly and directly; optimistic, when, through the painful message of the static-natural-raw body, he exalts the life. Art is the main science of the spirits, where the inhumanity and the power are deleted from the knowledge of the human being. Freud represents the antithesis of its namesake where the synthesis is the art, practically unknown to Dr. S.

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping is, 1995, oil on canvas 

Die Tiere, die wir sind

In Freud’s painting, the connection between humans and animals is crucial. By looking at his portraits it is easy to feel the nature of the flesh, even the smell of the body and its sex moisture. The Freudian interest in humans as animals is the only way plausible and possible of human understanding.

In “David and Eli” this connection is strong. There is tenderness and deep connection between the two, a bond created by Mother Nature itself. Both naked, free, and at ease, without worries, living the moment completely relaxed; stripped from the violent hypocrisy of the masses and its deep malice.

In “Girl with a White Dog” the lady’s sensuality, almost pure, embarrassed, like a nun uncovered, is matching with the sleepy sweetness of her friend, lying down on her legs. This is the union that we like, the one that Lucian loved the most.

The Two Freud – A Reconciliation?

Between S. and L. Freud I don’t see any connection. Even the poses of his models do not represent for me the idea of a psychoanalytic session. The sitters seated on those couches are not being judged but they are left free to express their deep feelings and desires only for them sake. The conscious or unconscious influence of his grandfather is only negative, a subconscious desire and movement in denying the culture of repression and mental manipulation.

In the end, the real meaning of his painting is kept secret into his mind-heart, and right now it is resting forever in a better place, where the art is untouched. What it matters is what you can see by watching his works, your feeling in contemplating these masterpieces.
It is a kind of psychoanalytic process where the psychoanalyst is the viewer itself, the only one able to retrieve its desires, blockers, dreams suffocated under a thousand of lies and coercion; not being led into the obscure unconscious dynamics by an external source, but thanks to the natural force which is moving the life itself.
I am not supposed to tell you what is this energy: you know it, you feel it or maybe you never thought about it. It is time to dig into yourself, perhaps in a museum, together with your-our past.

“I prefer the company of animals more than the company of humans. Certainly, a wild animal is cruel. But to be merciless is the privilege of civilized humans.”

Sigmund Freud
The Two Freud

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