Borderartline or the two Freud.

A broken Incest Freud of the real desires, of the straight instincts, those of the man that understood the inner soul of the humans. Not a creepy, disturbed man with a shameless enslavement to bourgeois power (his grandfather, the neurologist), but a simple master, a humble intellectual who spoke to the masses by depicting mainly … Continue reading Borderartline or the two Freud.

The “now” unfolded #Anguish in becoming#

The present is never presence. Once we think to have it in our grip, suddenly we already lost it. It is slimy and elusive. It is in our nature to believe that living the present it is a certain thing, but it isn't: when you pronounce the word "now", it is already gone, it's gone the same … Continue reading The “now” unfolded #Anguish in becoming#

Early Renaissance - Time, Nature, Pleasure…Rebirth?

This is Simonetta, a beautiful Italian young noblewoman from Florence. She lived a short life during the (low) XIV century when she died at the age of 23.I decided to use this portrait painted by Botticelli for one simple reason: I love it. I always loved the dark background with the figure depicted with warm … Continue reading Early Renaissance - Time, Nature, Pleasure…Rebirth?