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Ex-pulsion, or the lightness of the soul

Refraining from doing something is a great act of courage; the tendency towards doing something, means being aware of an instinct, almost out of control, that lead us to act in a certain way; The most famous is the sexual one, a voluptuous drive that reminds us our natural-nature. Despite our effort to hide our origin, mostly with old and anachronistic gimmicks, our natural nature is that and still celebrated with shameless pleasure.

Coming back to our act of denying: is that difficult to refrain ourselves to act impulsively? The answer is yes. Beyond the great “courage” it needs a self-restain over the average, a well-ignored self-consciousness.

We do not have formal learning on this topic, moreover, the same educators are ignorant (alas, free from any generalizations) Anyway, there remains only the old concept that wants to link the sexual instinct to the “love” (kiss-coitus-kids-family) of which the outcome (or the product? – the kid?) is often an accidental thing/being.

By flying over the related ethic, what does imply to refrain from a pulsion?
Anguish (?) Tedium (?) Painful somatic implications, partially generated by psychic dynamics. Refraining from an everyday act generated by a pulsion is the first stage of detoxification needed. We can compare this (long) process with the detoxification from psychotropic substances; it takes time and it is the first devastating act. Fortunately, the first step is almost exclusive and the following ones are less traumatic.

Getting free from a habit (vice) linked to an instinct is critical; in fact, being (us) alive because, in a drive conflict, the balance (human management of the instinct – the engine of such acts) is fundamental.

What happens in the case of a pulsational balance/imbalance? (Let’s swap impulse with lust – since the most common instincts are linked to voluptuousness)

The being shows itself in his totality, awake, shrewd, infinitely present in its presence. The balance creates a total harmony that embraces the soul, the psyche and the whole body (slave of both dimensions, never a master).
And it is precisely by this dialectic dynamic of the contraries that a pulsion becomes life-mine, giving spiritual energy, the body’s engine and of those neuron-activities.

When the balance stops, the soul falls in the whole black: the body becomes the object of involuntary spasms, unconscious as a carrier agent of noetic activities of ontological destruction. In this desperate step, being the prey of the instinct, the human being loses control of its small existence becoming a mere object in its unconscious’ hands.
Psyche: of which neuronal energy becomes atomic, uncontrolled, explosive. Mind: now disjoint from the whole human, lost in its uncontrollable games, where the sense of the things around doesn’t have meaning, anymore (and with that the time/space concept itself)

It can be called panic, anxiety or anguish. It lasts a few seconds, years not measurable. The long-awaited satisfaction is finally conquered. It has generated dissatisfaction and misery: what we have long desired has just become our most hated thought.


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