Art, Filosofia, Philosophy, poetry, prose, Psychology

The desolate consciousness and the being unveiled – Feat. Egon Schiele

Exhibitionism: bodies and minds together, linked by the dull instability of the self. Reflected into the mirror, the face covered with delusion. A lot of words, written off, sentences spoken and sights without connections – lost into h(s)h(i)e(m) self. “§”

Within the multitude – solitude. § is alone.

And § shows what §s got – § thinks it is unique – delusional. Words like breasts, hips like vocals and gluteus like consonants. §s sentences, §s successes in §s own words – delusional

Does § really get pleasure by showing §self? Does §s body match §s words? Is § looking for global recognition

Keep it (the best-§) with §self. Nobody cares.



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